The Pork Community

The Pork Community was created in 2001 as a place for chatters who found themselves without a chat home when a once infamous web site was mismanaged and ultimately went bankrupt in 2001 taking all paid memberships with it (including those paid just days before the bankruptcy).

The Pork name was created as a joke name based on the chat nickname of the founder "Porkpie" and the name of the site the founding members came from. The site was created with the intention of being a self-sustaining community site supported by its users without advertising or investors. The site has survived on this model since 2001 and continues to provide a haven for those who want  a place to chat without their information being mined by a large corporate entity for a profit.

The following sites are part of this community.

The Pork Adult Chat
Adult Chat and Forums

Dark Pines FFRPG
Free Form Role Playing Chat and Forums

NHB Chat
No Holds Barred Chat for Adults

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